The decision to have your child evaluated is many times a difficult one to make. You may think he is just going through a phase, that he or she is maturing at a different pace than other children, or that he will catch up in due time. If, after some time, you still feel your child is not catching up, or if her teacher tells you something that validates your feelings, it may be time to find out if there is indeed something going on.

Once you make this decision to have her evaluated, it's difficult to know where to take her. Dr. Ketty Patiño Gonzalez is a licensed psychologist whose practice is exclusively dedicated to developmental, psychoeducational, and psychological assessments. This specialization means she has extensive experience diagnosing developmental, learning, and psychological problems. She and her associates are here to help and we invite you to browse our webpage to find out more about us. If you have questions, please contact us. It will be our pleasure to serve you and your child.